If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
We’ve got a more flexible toolset.

We bring a core team of strategists, behavioural scientists and other specialists together to solve your challenge. We also collaborate closely with internal teams; tapping into in-house resources while preserving our external perspective.

Natalie Horne
Natalie HorneFounder & Strategy Director

Natalie’s background in direct and digital communications strategy informs her creative, pragmatic approach to applying behavioural science to business. Projects span marketing, customer experience, employee behaviour and fraud. She has worked in US and EMEA markets for clients such as Red Bull, Movember Foundation, Paypal Giving Fund, Nintendo, Toyota, Microsoft and Samsung.

Prof. Iain Gilchrist
Prof. Iain GilchristNeuropsychologist

Iain is a founding member of Prime Decision’s Advisory Board and a specialist in the relationship between vision and action. As Co-director of Bristol University’s Decision-making Unit, he leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers, designing and conducting practical experiments which lead to behavioural models of how people make decisions.

Jon Tayler
Jon TaylerInsight Lead

Jon has a background in agency market research and excels at understanding and advising clients from a range of industries on their brand, communications and business strategies. Jon spent many years at Millward Brown, working with the likes of Shell Motor Oil and Coca Cola.

Lewis Ryden
Lewis RydenSenior Consultant

Lewis is a senior consultant with a background in customer experience, insight and analysis. He has particularly strong financial services knowledge, plus expertise in telephony and internet banking; Lewis managed a 5,000 person contact centre as Head of Operational Insight for Lloyds Banking. Lewis co-founded Sybaris Chauffeurs in 2009.

Dr. Poppy Mulvaney
Dr. Poppy MulvaneyResearcher

Poppy has always been fascinated by instinctive human behaviour. After her degree at Durham University, Poppy gained Masters in human evolutionary studies and psychological research methods, from Cambridge and Bristol respectively, before a PhD in experimental psychology; focusing on social decision making. She has a wide variety of applied research experience and loves experimenting with new ways to explore human behaviour.

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos
Dr Dimitrios TsivrikosSenior Consultant

Dimitrios is a Consumer and Business Psychologist based at University College London (UCL). He conducts anthropological research, macro analyses, reviews market trends and conducts implicit association testing. Client experience includes the Armed Forces, Property Week, Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys and Esquire Magazine. He is a contributing expert on consumer psychology for the BBC, Sky News and The Guardian.

Glenn Parry
Glenn ParryAdviser

Glenn is a consultant and lecturer in business transformation. A background in management consultancy enables him to blend academic rigour with operational realities. Glenn has first-hand experience of driving change in the most complex of FTSI 100 companies, using data analysis alongside a wealth of research methodologies. Having gained his PHD at Cambridge, Glenn has been published in numerous international journals.

James Sosnicky
James SosnickyAdviser

Based out of Washington, DC, Jim lends a global perspective to the team. A director at investment management group SEAF, Jim works with entrepreneurs across 30 countries. Prior to this role, Jim served as a U.S. Army Civil Affairs officer in Iraq and Jordan, where he founded the Baghdad Business Center, generating $50M in reconstruction projects and supporting 1,000+ Iraqi small businesses and 5,000+ corporations. Jim’s experience also spans publishing, media and communications.

James Trezona
James TrezonaAdviser

James holds over 15 years’ experience at communications and technology companies. He draws illuminating parallels between sustainability and the disruptive nature of technology – having explored its impact on people and business from myriad perspectives. James has a knack for uncovering and expressing the human truths embedded within corporate complexities. He is a motivated and valued member of our Advisory Board.

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