We love the theory of behavioural economics,
but we’re most interested in its application.

Our behavioural economics workshops, talks and training sessions provide you and your team with practical tools and perspectives to start changing how your organisation thinks.

Behavioural Economics | Foundation – One-day Training Workshop

An introductory training workshop, ideal for marketers and other customer experience professionals.
Suitable for people with little or no experience of applied behavioural economics.

How do humans make decisions? The behavioural sciences provide valuable insights into the cognitive biases and contextual factors which influence the choices people make.

From a tactical perspective, these insights can be used to design contexts and communications which ‘nudge’ people to choose, buy or share. At a more strategic level, behavioural science enables organisations to challenge assumptions, identify biases and generate new ideas for content and services.

What can I expect?

  • Engaging, hands-on exercises

  • Commercial examples of application

  • Models, tips and tools

  • Solid academic theory

  • Enthusiastic, expert facilitation

How will I benefit?

  • Understand how behavioural economics can be used to measurably improve the performance of marketing and customer experience.
  • Explore the psychological biases and heuristics which influence customer decision-making.
  • Gain new tools and techniques to invigorate your team and generate measurable impact.
View or Download Course Outline (PDF)
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“Really insightful session delivered in a way that everyone can understand and relate to real business issues… It’s important these days out of the office are a lot of fun as well as useful for our day jobs.”
Brand Manager, Red Bull
Ageas financial workshop speaker seminar training conference behavioural economics workshop behaviour change insight customer experience
“Prime Decision provided our senior management team with a strong grounding in behavioural science. Highly recommended! They took time to understand our business and meet our specific brief and delivered with energy and passion. By lunchtime we had invited them back to present at our annual claims leadership conference which proved to be a great decision.”
Rob Smale, Claims Director, Ageas

Behavioural Economics | Bespoke Training Workshops

Interested in upskilling your team? Do you have a unique challenge or requirement, or are you just looking for a speaker with a different point of view?
We also offer bespoke training workshops and sessions that are tailored to specific client needs and sectors. Held at your offices or at an offsite venue, this a cost-effective option for companies with four or more delegates.

Please get in touch to let us know how we can help.

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“An invaluable workshop. We were delighted in the pre-event relationship building and tailoring of the subject to our niche sector.”
Paul Williams, Senior Project Manager, Family Lives
pacific life financial workshop speaker seminar training conference behavioural economics workshop behaviour change insight customer experience
“A really interesting and thought-provoking workshop. Prime Decision provided an excellent bridge between the emerging scientific research on behavioural economics and real world applications.”
Carrie Sabin, Head of Human Resources, Pacific Life Re.

Looking for a speaker?

We have spoken at a wide range of global events and institutions. Whatever you are looking for, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide details on rates.

Request more information
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Behavioural Meetups

Based in the South West? We run a regular meetup group for those with an appetite for applied behavioural science. Previous speakers have included Professor Gerd Gigerenzer, author of “Risk Savvy” and Dr Phillippa Diedrichs, advisor to the Dove Self Esteem Project.

Check it out


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