UniversityBehavioural science academics are on the ascendancy in marketing innovation and agencies should be alert to this.

For many marketing managers, agencies still embody creativity, innovation and fresh thinking, and provide a crucial external perspective on the latest trends and technologies. But there is a new kid on the client’s block – a somewhat geekier kid who aced science class – and this unlikely competitor may be robbing agencies of their leadership role in innovation.

Here are 9 reasons why university academics are an increasingly powerful force:

Now the dominance of academia is clearly no done-deal. Stereotypes of bearded academics and ivory towers still persist in the corporate world, as does their reputation for poor time-management and disregard for corporate pressures and needs. University culture can also be slow to change, with many academics lacking the skills or appetite to engage with business.

However agencies do need to keep tabs on the developments of disciplines like behavioural economics if they are to remain credible sources of insight and innovation. From our experience at Prime Decision, combining marketing strategists with the right academics can be a superb foundation for innovation – and should be considered an opportunity, not a threat.

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