Embracing resourcefulness: We help organisations understand customers, design experiences and optimise channels.

Every interaction, whether physical or digital, impacts the customer experience and informs customer behaviour – as well as the cost of customer service. We collaborate with brands to use tactical touchpoints more strategically, to boost effectiveness, sales and satisfaction.

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Toyota & Lexus – Multichannel contact

Reducing the cost of voice contact by focusing on digital self-service.

Analysing interactions across all channels and identifying practical, painless improvements – spanning digital optimisation, web chat, direct mail and contact centre agent training.

Strengthening digital calls to action yielded an 18% reduction in call volumes within 30 days.

  • Quantitative analysis of customer calls, web chat, social media, letters and email.
  • Stakeholder interviews and website assessment, with input from web analytics.
  • Qualitative analysis of customer journey & all outbound communications.
  • Communications strategy and tactical recommendations.
  • Contact centre employee training to influence scripts and set a digital precedent.
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OVO Energy – CX strategy

Helping award-winning challenger brand OVO Energy to assess and improve adherence to its digital discount while maintaining the customer experience – for customers who self-serve online.

Holistic approach to analysing behaviours throughout the customer lifecycle – considering aspects like product framing through to internal communications. Delivered a unified strategy across six business areas, including marketing, business intelligence and customer service.

  • Interviews with 12 internal stakeholders
  • Review of 50+ internal reports, communications plans, sample communications including eDMs and the app, presentations and other assets
  • Data analysis of contact centre wrap codes
  • Workshop with 4 customer service agents
  • Contact centre employee training to influence scripts and set a digital precedent.

Healthier Customer Finance

In recent history, trust in the financial sector has been eroded. We help FS brands to design services, content and communications that support healthier financial decision-making. Because ensuring good customer outcomes is ultimately good for the bottom-line.

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