Changing behaviour through content, services and experimentation.

If you’re a brand with a strong behaviour change proposition, we can help you go further, faster. Combining scientific research with creativity, we apply psychological insights to a range of contexts, creating new habits and sustaining healthier choices.

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Red Bull – Focus Test

Co-creating Red Bull Focus; a digital platform to help people test and improve their focus and concentration. This piece of hero brand content connected the brand value of ‘focus’ with the experience of everyday consumers, complementing Red Bull’s aspirational Air Race campaign. Exceeded target of 100,000+ plays within 30 days and has since gone global.

  • Recruiting and managing an academic panel of experts
  • Researching different facets of focus and performance, identifying seven facets of focus
  • Briefing and collaborating with Kempt, Red Bull’s gaming agency, during test creation
  • Generating ideas and reviewing scripts for supporting content, PR and data analysis
  • Developing and copywriting accessible digital articles and short reads on the science of focus
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ColaLife – International Development

Supporting ColaLife’s award-winning project to increase medication adherence in remote African villages of Zambia.

Our role: Nudging parents to give sick children a full course of zinc supplements by redesigning the pharmaceutical blister pack. Field trial in Zambia now in progress.

  • Literature review: academic and pharmaceutical medication research papers
  • Collaboration with the founders of ColaLife, based in Zambia
  • Communications planning and contextual parameter definition
  • Behavioural analysis using the Seven Lenses (proprietary analytical methodology)
  • Programme optimisation concept, creative development and design brief

“The hard stuff is the easy stuff… it’s the soft stuff that’s the hard stuff”

Nigel Walker, Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board)