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Behavioural insights for HR: 4 ways to improve performance ratings

Applying behavioural science to employee performance ratings The spring 2014 Employee Outlook Report from CIPD found that one in three [...]

Top 5 Behavioural Economics TED Talks

If you only made it through a few chapters of Thinking Fast & Slow, sit back and enjoy our collection [...]

Holiday Reading: 5 Behavioural Science Books for the Beach

Heading off on holiday? From our popular behavioural economics booklist, here are our top 5 summer reads from the world [...]

Discounts & Decision-making: A New Frontier for Waitrose?

Waitrose is generating significant media coverage for its new personalised discount scheme, Pick Your Own Offers, which gives customers an ongoing [...]

Behaviour change: An education problem

With all the best intentions in the world; creating behaviour change in populations is hard. Even after years of informational campaigns, [...]

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From Darwin to Design

At our latest Behavioural Meetup we were pleased to host Stuart Church, a UX designer with a background in Ethology (i.e. [...]

Employee Loyalty and the Code of Silence

We've recently been doing a lot of thinking about how to improve honesty – whether people are putting extra items into [...]

Red Bull: The Science of Focus

Our ever-growing booklist attests to the popular appetite for understanding and changing behaviour. Now brands like Red Bull are getting in [...]

When Intuition Trumps Big Data

In his new book, Risk Savvy, Psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer uses this 'Turkey Illusion' to challenge our reliance on data. Imagine you’re [...]

Are Your Personas Static?

If your target personas are static, fixed characters in your brand narrative, you may be underestimating the power of context. Take [...]

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